Wind Start Guide


The Wind component can give a “wind” effect to a cloth component.


There are the following types of Wind components.
Currently (v1.3.0) only “Direction Wind” is available.
Items in preparation will be implemented in the future.

Name Description
Magica Directional Wind A wind of direction that affects the whole world.
Magica Box Wind A wind that can be set in a box-shaped zone.
<in preparation>
Magica Sphere Wind Wind that can be set in a spherical zone.
<in preparation>
Magica Impact Wind Momentary wind such as a blast.
<in preparation>


How to set up Directional Wind

Directional Wind is a wind that affects the whole world.
To add it, right-click in the Hierarchy window and select “Magica Directional Wind” from the menu as shown below.

When a component is added, a gizmo shows the wind direction in the Scene view.

The direction of the wind is possible by changing the rotation of the component’s Transform.
Directional Wind is a direction only wind, so the Transform position is not used.

You can set parameters from the inspector.

Name Description
Main Basic airflow.
Turbulence The turbulence rate of the wind.
At 0.0 the wind always flows from a certain direction, but at 1.0 the wind direction changes randomly.


Wind effect settings for each cloth component

Each cloth component can be individually configured to determine how much wind is affected.
[External Force] panel is added to each cloth component.

Name Description
Mass Influence The ratio of how much the particle weight is affected.
At 1.0, the weight affects 100%, and heavy particles will not move much when exposed to the wind.
0.0 disables the weight effect and is affected by wind regardless of weight.
Wind Influence Wind influence rate.
If set to 0.0, it is completely unaffected by wind.
1.0 is 100% affected.
The value can be greater than 1.0.
Wind Random Scale Wind random rate.
By increasing the randomness, the effect of the wind can be more or less intense, and can add irregularities to the movement.
At 0.0, randomness is lost.