Clamp Rotation

Maximum rotation angle limit

It is possible to limit the angle that can be tilted relative to the parent.
This makes it possible to control the bangs, etc., so as not to lose their original shape.

The following example sets the angle limit of the bangs from the start point (0 degree) to the end point (25 degrees).

The green line is the original particle position.
You can see that the current light blue lines are limited by the angle from the midpoint (12.5 degrees) to the end point (25 degrees).

The content of each parameter is as follows.

Name Description
Clamp Angle The angle to limit


Parent-child relationships at Mesh Cloth

In Bone Cloth, the parent-child relationship of the Transform is applied as it is to the parent-child relationship of the Transform, but in the case of Mesh Cloth, the parent-child relationship is automatically constructed from the start point to the end point of the particle.
The constructed parent-child relationship can be confirmed by [Rotation Line] of cloth monitor.
The following example shows a parent-child relationship when all of the simple particles above the plain mesh are set as fixed particles.

The orange line indicates the parent-child relationship of the particles.