Bone Cloth


BoneCloth is a cloth simulation that controls bones (Transform).
Ideal for shaking “hair” with bones built into the mesh in advance.
See the “BoneCloth Start Guide” for the setting method.

Properties and parameters

Item Description
Root List Set the Transform to be the starting point.
Blend Weight Blending ratio with original posture
Collider List Set the collider for collision judgment.
Merge Avatar Collider If this component is AvatarParts, it will combine Avatar colliders when attaching.
Radius Particle radius for collision determination
Mass Mass
Gravity Gravitational acceleration
External Force Influence of external force
Drag Air resistance
Max Velocity Maximum speed
World Influence Movement effect
Distance Disable Invalidation by distance
Clamp Distance Maximum move distance
Clamp Position Movement restrictions
Clamp Rotation Maximum rotation angle
Restore Distance Distance restoration
Restore Rotation Rotation restoration
Collision Collision judgment
Penetration Preventing Penetration
Adjust Line Line rotation adjustment