This section introduces features that are planned for implementation in the future.
However, the timing of implementation has not yet been determined.
Implementation may also be cancelled depending on the situation.

Fixed Update support✅

Support for character movement and animation with Unity’s Fixed Update.

✅Implementation completed in v2.0.3


Add wind effects to cloths.
We plan to set up momentary blasts and ranges for explosions and other events.
We also plan to add the ability to generate wind as the character moves.

✅Implementation completed in v2.1.0

Tangent update mode

Add a mode to recalculate tangents when reflecting MeshCloth results in the render mesh.
Tangents are required for some special shaders.

Spring Components✅

We plan to add a mode in which the vertices are shaken by springs.
This may be useful, for example, for character breast swaying.
It also supports collision detection.

✅Implementation completed in v2.4.0

Box collider

Add a box shape as a collider.

Stop Motion✅

Supports stop motion operation.
Stop motion is a function that intentionally reduces the frame rate of an animation to frame-by-frame.

✅Implementation completed in v2.4.2


A function that automatically detects teleportation of the character, resets the simulation, and maintains the posture.

✅Implementation completed in v2.2.0

Culling system✅

This function stops the simulation of cloths outside of the camera’s drawing.
This is expected to improve performance.

✅Implementation completed in v2.3.0

Grabbing process

Allow the apex of the cloth to be grabbed and moved.

Collider symmetry function

Allows the collider to be mirrored.
When setting up a collider on a symmetrical character, only one side of the collider needs to be set up.


MagicaCloth creates cloth data in the background during execution.
Due to this process, there is a delay of several frames from the time the character appears until the simulation actually starts.
Pre-build creates cloth data during design and saves it as an asset.
This allows you to start simulation immediately at runtime.

✅Implementation completed in v2.5.0

Mesh collider

Implement a collider that matches the mesh shape of the human body.
This will enable more realistic collision judgments with the human body.

Negative scale✅

Implement negative scale for the XYZ axes.
This is useful when reversing the left and right orientation of a 2D character, etc.

✅Implementation completed in v2.8.0

LOD support

Supports Unity’s mesh LOD system.
Allows one MeshCloth to be assigned to multiple meshes.

Improved reduction

Current mesh reduction algorithms are not very powerful.
It produces unattractive meshes in some cases.
We will improve this reduction algorithm.

Improvement of self-collision

The current self-collision is in beta and is not yet refined and accurate.
Overall improvements will be made to self-collision.


Implement the soft body feature.
This will allow for more realistic breast shaking.
It will also support collision detection with colliders.

GPU Support

In MagicaCloth, simulations are computed on the CPU by DOTS.
It extends this to run on the GPU.
In most cases, the GPU can compute faster than the CPU, resulting in an overall performance improvement.