Restore Rotation

Rotation restoration

Adds a rotation that restores the angle of the particle relative to its parent.
By setting the hair and skirt, it is possible to perform dynamic movements while maintaining the original shape.

The next example is Bone Cloth with bangs.

The green line is the original particle position.
Performs a rotation motion on the connection line so that the current light blue line returns to the original green line.

The content of each parameter is as follows.

Name Description
Restore Power Strength to return
Velocity Influence Speed effect.
Setting this to a low value can reduce the problem of particles moving in response to sudden movement.
However, the inertia of the particles is also lost.


Confirmation of restoration rotation line

The restoration is performed based on the rotation line.
The rotation line can be confirmed by checking [Rotation Line] on the cloth monitor.
The orange line is the rotation line.

Rotation restoration line at Bone Cloth

In Bone Cloth, the parent-child structure of the Transform becomes the rotation line as it is.


Rotation restoration line in Mesh Cloth

Mesh Cloth rotation lines are automatically generated when creating data.
The following is an example of a rotation line with all fixed particles above a simple plain mesh.