Triangle Bend

Triangular angle restoration

Triangle Bend is a parameter that can only be set for Mesh Cloth mesh shapes.
By setting the Triangle Bend, the mesh shape will be restored to its original shape.
Specifically, it applies a force that restores the angle of the two connecting triangles to their original angle.

This can be confirmed by checking [Triangle Bend] on the cloth monitor.


Each parameter is as follows.

Name Description
Bend Power The power to restore.
Basically, 1.0 is fine, but a shape with a small number of triangles may be too stiff.
In that case, try lowering the value.
Twist Correction When checked, special constraint data is created to prevent twisting problems.
It also adds an additional processing load.
Therefore, we recommend that you do not use it unless there is a problem with twisting.
After the check, you need to rebuild the data.
Twist Recovery Power It is the power to restore the twist.
If you make it too strong, the shape may become hard.