Release Notes

Fix: Fixed an issue where disabling a MagicaCloth component would not stop writing to the associated Transform.
Fix: Fixed the problem that the coordinates of the paint map were shifted when using the paint map with MeshCloth and the Transform pose of the target renderer was not the unit pose.

Fix: Initialization fails when vertices have only invalid attributes.
Fix: Information in inspector was not updated correctly when RendererList or PaintMapList was changed.
Fix: PaintMap allocation fails when UV value of mesh is not (0.0~1.0).

Fix: When a mesh does not exist in the Renderer specified in MeshCloth, an internal error occurs and the operation becomes unstable.
Fix: Internal error occurs and drawing becomes black when tangent line does not exist on the mesh specified by MeshCloth.
Fix: The algorithm for mapping a render mesh to a proxy mesh in MeshCloth is incorrect, causing artifacts such as shading in drawings.

Added: Added UpdateMode to MagicaCloth component. This allows you to change the way simulation times are updated.

Added: Added UnityPhysics to UpdateMode. Use this if the character is updated at the timing of FixedUpdate().
Added: Added Unscaled to UpdateMode. A time update mode that is not affected by Unity’s timescale.
Added: It is now possible to register OnPreSimulation/OnPostSimulation callback functions in MagicaManager.
Added: It is now possible to register the OnBuildComplete callback function in the MagicaCloth component.
Fix: Fixed an issue where deleting one of the syncing cloth components would cause an error.
Fix: Fixed a rare issue where synced cloth execution timings were out of sync.
Fix: Fixed an issue where the [Movement Speed Limit], [Rotation Speed Limit], and [Particle Speed Limit] inertia parameters were unchecked when multi-selecting cloth components.

Added: Added a sample scene for dressing up.
Fix: Fixed a problem in which mapping a render mesh to a proxy mesh would fail with an error if one vertex has many other vertices connected to it.
Fix: Fixed a bug in bone swapping API for dressing.
Improvement: The maximum number of colliders that can be set for a single cloth has been extended from 16 to 32.

Fix: Fixed an issue where using the Enter Play Mode Options would cause strange behavior on subsequent runs.
Fix: Fixed vertex paint cursor disk misorientation.
Improvement: Added version notation to MagicaCloth component.

First release.