Determines how movement of the entire cloth affects vertices.
For example, if the shaking is too large for the movement of the character, you can add restrictions to suppress the overall shaking.

Movement Inertia
Rotation Inertia

Reduces the movement force or rotation force itself.
For example, if the property is 0.1, only 1/10th of the cloth movement will be added to the vertex.
This makes it possible to suppress shaking even if the cloth moves at high speed.

However, even if the cloth moves slowly, the movement force is reduced, so there is also the adverse effect that the shaking becomes extremely small.

Depth Inertia

Reduce inertia with vertex depth.
Simply put, if you increase this property, the closer the depth is to the starting point, the harder it will be to move.
The endpoint is not subject to reduction.

This is effective when you don’t want the area around the starting point to move too much, such as with skirts or hair.
However, please note that if the inertia near the starting point is reduced, the overall movement will be weaker.

Centrifual Acceleration Augmentation value for centrifugal force.
Movement Speed Limit
Rotation Speed Limit

Cuts the movement force or rotation force at the set speed.
For example, if Movement Speed Limit=2.0, if the character is within 2m/s movement speed, the force will be transmitted as is, and if it exceeds 2m/s, no further force will be applied to the vertices, no matter how fast they move.
With this limit, you can limit the shaking to a certain extent whether you move slowly or at high speed.

Basically, we recommend using this over Movement Inertia / Rotation Inertia.

Particle Speed Limit

Limits the maximum velocity per vertex.
This can alleviate the phenomenon that the tip of a long belt-like object bulges outward excessively due to centrifugal force.

However, if you lower the value below 1.0 (1m/s), the accuracy of collision detection will decrease, so be careful when lowering the value.

Center point of cloth

A cloth always has one center point.
This is automatically determined from the distribution of fixed attributes and is displayed as a gizmo in the scene view as a purple sphere.
Inertia is calculated from the movement of this center point.