Collision judgment

Performs collision detection for the set collider list to prevent particle intrusion.
For information on setting up colliders and adding them to components, see the “BoneCloth Start Guide“.

The content of each parameter is as follows.

Name Description
Keep Shape When set to ON, the movement range of particles is strongly restricted so as not to break the original posture before the cloth simulation.
This is done by the positional relationship between the particles and each collider.
This greatly reduces the problem of particles such as skirts piercing the thighs and spinning behind.
However, particles may move unintentionally due to restrictions.
This presupposes that the original shape has been animated to avoid some intrusion problems.
I think it’s better to turn off and test first, check the status, then turn on and test.
Friction Coefficient of friction.
When a particle collides with a collider, the movement can be braked by the coefficient of friction.