The parameters that control cloth have many properties, and it is difficult to grasp everything from the beginning.
Therefore, the parameters of the frequently used cloth control (hair, accessories, skirt, etc.) are recorded as presets.
In cloth setup, it is easy to load this preset first and then adjust while watching the movement.
Presets can also be saved independently, allowing users to create and reuse their own presets or distribute their own presets to other users.
Built-in preset files are included in the MagicaCloth/Res/Preset folder.


Loading presets (V1.8.4 or later)

From v1.8.4, the [Preset] button has been added next to [Parameters].
You can apply presets with just one click by pressing this button.

The list shows all the presets in your project.
You can easily select presets saved by the user.


Loading presets (up to V1.8.3)

Until v1.8.3, there is no [Preset] button, so you need to press the [Load] button to specify the preset file to load.

Built-in presets are located in the MagicaCloth/Preset folder.


Precautions after loading presets

Be sure to press the [Create] button to rebuild the data after loading the preset.
If you do not do this, the data may not be reflected correctly.


Save preset

Presets can be easily saved by pressing the [Save] button.

At this time, it is recommended to give the following names according to the type of component.

Component type Recommended file name
BoneCloth BoneCloth_(name)
BoneSpring BoneSpring_(name)
MeshCloth MeshCloth_(name)
MeshSpring MeshSpring_(name)

This will automatically display the saved preset in the Preset button, making it easier to reuse.