The calculation algorithm of the simulation has been changed since v1.11.0.
This will make the simulation run more stable.
You can choose to use the old or the new algorithm here.
However, from now on, only the latest algorithm will be maintained, so please use the new algorithm unless you have a specific reason not to.
It is also possible to convert parameters from the old algorithm to the new one.
You can also convert parameters from the old algorithm to the new one, as the parameters hold both old and new data separately, so you can easily revert to the old algorithm.

Algorithm Description
Algorithm 1 (Old Style) This is an old calculation algorithm up to v1.10.3.
Algorithm 2 This is a new algorithm added in v1.11.0.
In Algorithm 2, the ClampRotation/RestoreRotation/TriangleBend processes have been redesigned to provide more stable operation with much less vibration and turbulence problems.

The next video is a comparison of the old and new algorithms.
In the past, thin wavy mesh shapes were a common cause of turbulence.
The new algorithm almost eliminates it.

In the past, rotating in the opposite direction of gravity often resulted in quite a disturbing motion.
This is almost eliminated with the new algorithm.

Parameter conversion from old algorithms

It is possible to convert the parameters of the old algorithm to those of the new algorithm.
This can be done by clicking on the following button

Since the parameters of the old and new algorithms are kept separate, modifying the parameters in the new algorithm does not change the parameters in the old algorithm.
This makes it easy to revert to the old algorithm.