Simplifying proxy meshes

The proxy mesh at the time of registering the render mesh has the same structure as the render mesh.
It is possible to start the simulation as it is, but using a simpler proxy mesh has advantages in terms of performance and stable simulation.
Reduction does the work of this simplification.

Simple Distance It simply joins nearby vertices.
The structure of the mesh is not considered.
Shape Distance Connects nearby vertices based on the shape of the mesh.
Vertices that are not connected as a surface will not be merged even if they are nearby


Adjust while looking at the scene view

By moving the slide bar, the proxy mesh is simplified in real time and displayed in the scene view.

Please refer to the following indicators for how much simplification should be done.

  • The simpler the proxy mesh, the better the performance
  • It should be simplified to the extent that there are no fine protrusions in the render mesh
  • If you simplify too much, the collision detection will be weak.
    Also, the difference between the render mesh and the proxy mesh may increase and the display may become unstable.