Mesh Spring


MeshSpring allows springs to swing the vertices of Mesh.
This is also applicable to skinning meshes.
Ideal for realistic chest shaking.
See the “MeshSpring Start Guide” for the setting method and so on.

Properties and parameters

Item Description
Virtual Deformer Set the linked virtual deformer.
Center Transform Set the Transform that will be the center of the sway.
Direction Axis Select the front axis of the sway.
Update Mode

Specify the update timing of the simulation.
Update based on the frame rate. (Initial setting)

[Unity Physics]
Update based on Unity’s physics.
If the character moves within FixedUpdate, you can suppress the vibration by selecting this.

Blend Weight Blending ratio with original posture
Culling Culling System
Algorithm Calculation algorithm
Gravity Gravitational acceleration
External Force Influence of external force
Drag Air resistance
Max Velocity Maximum speed
World Influence Movement effect
Distance Disable Invalidation by distance
Clamp Position Movement restrictions
Spring Spring
Adjust Rotation Rotation control by movement