Release Note

Existing problems and challenges

  • Calculate some constraint data at runtime instead of pre-calculated data
  • Problems that cannot be used with Ragdoll (problems with Physics)
  • Vertex paint improvements
  • Angle restrictions for XYZ axes separately
  • Using Unity Collider
  • Separate settings for Collision and Penetration colliders
  • Ability to control [Create] process from script
  • In case of URP/HDRP, gizmo is not displayed in Scene wireframe drawing
  • Crash problem with Windows + IL2CPP + Master build configuration (Microsoft Linker bug)


[Added] Added API for Penetration’s [MovingRadius] parameter.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that could cause an error when adding a collider with AddCollider() during execution.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where colliders added during the run were not removed correctly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused code warnings in Unity 2020.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error when using MAGICACLOTH_ECS Define in Unity 2018.

[Improvement] BoneCloth’s Mesh connection has been changed to create Rotatin Line from the Transform hierarchy.
[Improvement] Tweaked collision detection.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error when the timescale was 0.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where initialization would fail if multiple components were attached to a GameObject.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error when disabled while running Penetration’s connection collider.

[Note] The data format has changed. Since the new function cannot be used with the past data, it is necessary to press the [Create] button again to recreate the data.
[Added] Added BoneCloth mesh connection method. This will automatically create a mesh from the bone connections. The movement of the skirt by the bone is improved.

[Added] It is now possible to turn on/off the entire cloth simulation by operating the enable of MagicaPhysicsManager.
[Improvement] Adjusted some preset parameters.
[Improvement] Improved collision detection.
[Improvement] The operation of Penetration has been improved.
[Fix] Fixed the problem at the time of negative scale (flip) of Penetration.

[Added] Added support for character minus scale (flip). However, only one xyz axis can be reversed.

[Added] Added negative scale sample scene.
[Improvement] The [Once per Frame] update option is now left forever.
[Improvement] Changed the minimum value of particle radius from 0.01 to 0.001.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that the normal/tangent recalculation of MeshSpring was not done correctly. Affects lighting.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that an error occurs when the execution is stopped in the editor.


[Added] Added maximum speed setting to [World Influence]. The simulation is stable when moving at high speed.

[Added] Added a parameter [Stabilization Time After Reset] that improves the problem of particles bouncing on reset.

[Improvement] Reduced particle vibration due to collision detection.
[Improvement] The accuracy of collision detection has been slightly improved.
[Fix] Fixed issue where global colliders would bounce away particles when moved/rotated at high speed.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that a bone grows when moving at high speed.
[Fix] It was fixed because there was a mistake in the interpolation processing of fixed particles.
[Fix] Fixed that the bar did not turn yellow even if some parameters of spring setting were changed.
[Fix] Fixed the issue that an error occurs in RenderDeformer when there is no tangent data in the mesh.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that it doesn’t work when used together with Cubism SDK (Live2D). (However, Unity 2019.3 and above)
[Fix] Fixed the problem that error occurs in Jobs 0.4.0 package.


[Added] Added [Radius][Drag][Gravity][Mass] parameter API.
[Improvement] An error is displayed when the number of vertices of the mesh exceeds 65535. This is an existing limitation.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that an error occurs in Unity2019.1-2019.2.13 due to scaling processing.

[Added] You can now add colliders to the cloth component at runtime.
[Added] Added option to take over Avatar collider when connecting Avatar Parts to Avatar.
[Added] You can now set the offset position on the Collider component.
[Added] Added OnAttachParts and OnDetachParts events to Magica Avatar.
[Improvement] Animation control of BlendWeight is now possible.
[Improvement] [Adjust Rotation] of Spring component is always enabled and changed to the method to set the behavior according to the mode.
[Improvement] Fixed the problem that gizmo of MeshSpring and Collider was displayed even in unnecessary situations.
[Improvement] The control of PlayerLoop is exposed as an external function.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where mesh vertices would occasionally collapse when swapping multiple cloth components.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that a GUI error occurs when loading a preset in Unity 2019.4.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that an error occurs when a mesh with vertex weights is put into MeshRenderer and MeshCloth is set.

[Added] Added support for scaling at runtime.
[Improvement] The color of the parameter bar of the inspector will change to yellow when the data needs to be reconstructed due to the parameter change.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error due to the initialization order of Cloth components.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where the Influence Target would not switch when attaching AvatarParts.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused an error when deleting a Prefab in Project.

[Added] Added access function to [World Influence] [Collider Collision] [Penetration] parameter to API.
[Improvement] When data has not been created yet, instead of an error in the information, it now shows the state that there is no data.
[Fix] Fixed the problem that an error occurs when the collection package 0.9.0 or more is included.
[Fix] Fixed the error that occurs when the [ReadOnly] attribute is custom defined.

[Note] The data format has changed and the old data no longer starts. You need to press the [Create] button again to recreate the data.
[Added] Added Surface Penetration function.
[Added] Added Collider Penetration function.
[Added] It can be used together with Entity Component System.In Unity2018.4 / Unity2019.2, you need to set the MAGICACLOTH_ECS define in your project.
[Added] It is now possible to display vertex / particle axes (XYZ) from the cloth monitor.
[Improvement] The collision detection has been improved.
[Improvement] The project setting of Unsafe Code is no longer required.
[Improvement] Depth display of cloth monitor now shows the current value.
[Improvement] Fixed the problem that the simulation becomes unstable when the weight of the movable bone is already included in the mesh.
[Fix] Fixed the spelling mistake of [Create] button of MeshCloth.
[Fix] Fixed the problem which falls into an infinite loop at the time of data creation of Virtual Deformer.

[Improvement] Improved the friction processing algorithm. The problem of particles vibrating has been reduced.
[Fix] Fixed a problem that vertex painting could not be performed properly when there are two or more inspector windows in the editor.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error at the end of execution in the editor.

[Improvement] Improved the behavior of ClampPosition / ClampRotation. Collision detection has priority over movement restriction.
[Improvement] Improved collision determination processing.
[Improvement] Improved the rotation line generation algorithm.
[Improvement] Collider Gizmo is basically hidden when not selected.
[Improvement] Added a reset simulation button to the running inspector.
[Improvement] Improved the friction processing algorithm.
[Improvement] Enabled to specify the maximum number of connections in [Near Point] of Restore Distance.
[Improvement] Changed the Virtual Deformer weight calculation method to the average weight value of the referenced skinning mesh vertices.
This greatly reduces the problem of unintended vertex deformation during animation.
[Improvement] Fixed vertices in VirtualDeformer were set to be completely excluded from the calculation in some situations.
This greatly reduces the problem of unintended vertex deformation during animation.
[Improvement] Renamed Adjust Line to Rotation Interpolation.
[Improvement] Added FixedNonRotation flag to Rotation Interpolation.
If this flag is set to ON, fixed particles will not rotate at all.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where Global Collider was not working properly.

[Added] Added API for accessing [Distance Disable] parameter.
[Added] Added API for accessing [External Force] parameter.
[Improvement] Connection control between components has been strengthened.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error would occur if [Distance Disable] was turned On / Off during execution.
[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an error when creating a cloth component with LateUpdate during delayed execution.
[Fix] Changed the delayed execution to be executed at PostLateUpdate instead of at the end of LateUpdate.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where inactive render deformers were being calculated.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where inactive render deformers were causing a memory leak.
[Fix] Fixed [RenderMeshVertexUsed] [VirtualMeshVertexUsed] values on cloth monitor to be correct.

[Added] Added delayed execution mode.
[Improvement] Improved performance.(10% – 30%)
[Improvement] Displaying write time to mesh in profiler.
[Improvement] Render deformer normal / tangent recalculation can now select normal only or normal + tangent.
[Improvement] Scene view can be rotated by Alt + mouse drag while vertex painting.
[Fix] Fixed incorrect scale calculation when writing to bones.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where references to parent bones could be lost when referring to one bone multiple times.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where teleport might not work properly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue when selecting the wind component when the cloth monitor was hidden.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where data was not written correctly when editing in prefab mode.
[Fix] Modified to redraw the scene view when editing MeshSpring axes in the inspector.
[Note] The update mode [Once Per Frame] will be deprecated in the future.

[Improvement] When creating a collider, it has been changed to adjust the collider scale from the parent scale.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where mesh was broken when SkinnedMeshRenderer and MeshRenderer were mixed using Unity2018.
[Fix] Fixed Capsule Collider gizmo not displaying correctly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where cloth simulation was not running on frames with cloth components attached.

[Added] Added dress-up system (Avatar, AvatarParts).
[Added] Teleport is turned off by default.
[Improvement] Reduced vibration caused by movement.
[Improvement] When creating a cloth component object, it is set to inherit the parent name.
[Fix] Fixed issue where MeshOptimizeMissmatch error would occur when loading from asset bundle.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where the scene view was not redrawn when painting vertices.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where writing transforms was not correct when adding / removing cloth components repeatedly.
[Fix] Fixed collider to correctly reflect transform scale.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error would occur if the main camera did not exist.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where data was not created when attaching a RenderDeformer with multiple renderers selected.

[Added] Added wind function (Wind).
[Added] Added wind sample scene (WindSample).
[Improvement] Changed cloth team preprocessing from C # to JobSystem.

[Added] Added blending function with original posture (Blend Weight).
[Added] Added the function to disable simulation by distance (Distance Disable).
[Feature] Added a sample scene for distance disable function (DistanceDisableSample).
[Improvement] Added scrollbar to cloth monitor.
[Improvement] Data can be created even if the mesh has no UV value.
[Improvement] Enhanced error handling.
[Fix] Fixed slow playback bug. Time.timeScale works correctly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error occurred when duplicating a prefab with [Ctrl+D].
[Fix] Fixed an issue where trying to create data without vertex painting would result in an error.

[Added] Added support for Unity2018.4 (LTS).
[improvement] Error details are now displayed along with error codes.
[improvement] Vertex paint now records by vertex hash instead of vertex index.
[Fix] If two or more MagicaPhysicsManagers are found, delete those found later.

[Fix] Fixed the problem that reference to data is lost while editing in Unity2019.3.0.

[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error occurred when running in the Mac editor environment.

[Fix] Fixed an issue where creating a prefab in Unity2019.3.0 caused errors and data corruption.

[note] First release.