Release Note

[Feature] Added delayed execution mode.
[Improvement] Improved performance.(10% – 30%)
[Improvement] Displaying write time to mesh in profiler.
[Improvement] Render deformer normal / tangent recalculation can now select normal only or normal + tangent.
[Improvement] Scene view can be rotated by Alt + mouse drag while vertex painting.
[Fix] Fixed incorrect scale calculation when writing to bones.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where references to parent bones could be lost when referring to one bone multiple times.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where teleport might not work properly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue when selecting the wind component when the cloth monitor was hidden.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where data was not written correctly when editing in prefab mode.
[Fix] Modified to redraw the scene view when editing MeshSpring axes in the inspector.
[Note] The update mode [Once Per Frame] will be deprecated in the future.

[Improvement] When creating a collider, it has been changed to adjust the collider scale from the parent scale.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where mesh was broken when SkinnedMeshRenderer and MeshRenderer were mixed using Unity2018.
[Fix] Fixed Capsule Collider gizmo not displaying correctly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where cloth simulation was not running on frames with cloth components attached.

[Feature] Added dress-up system (Avatar, AvatarParts).
[Feature] Teleport is turned off by default.
[Improvement] Reduced vibration caused by movement.
[Improvement] When creating a cloth component object, it is set to inherit the parent name.
[Fix] Fixed issue where MeshOptimizeMissmatch error would occur when loading from asset bundle.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where the scene view was not redrawn when painting vertices.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where writing transforms was not correct when adding / removing cloth components repeatedly.
[Fix] Fixed collider to correctly reflect transform scale.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error would occur if the main camera did not exist.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where data was not created when attaching a RenderDeformer with multiple renderers selected.

[Feature] Added wind function (Wind).
[Feature] Added wind sample scene (WindSample).
[Improvement] Changed cloth team preprocessing from C # to JobSystem.

[Feature] Added blending function with original posture (Blend Weight).
[Feature] Added the function to disable simulation by distance (Distance Disable).
[Feature] Added a sample scene for distance disable function (DistanceDisableSample).
[Improvement] Added scrollbar to cloth monitor.
[Improvement] Data can be created even if the mesh has no UV value.
[Improvement] Enhanced error handling.
[Fix] Fixed slow playback bug. Time.timeScale works correctly.
[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error occurred when duplicating a prefab with [Ctrl+D].
[Fix] Fixed an issue where trying to create data without vertex painting would result in an error.

[feature] Added support for Unity2018.4 (LTS).
[improvement] Error details are now displayed along with error codes.
[improvement] Vertex paint now records by vertex hash instead of vertex index.
[fix] If two or more MagicaPhysicsManagers are found, delete those found later.

[Fix] Fixed the problem that reference to data is lost while editing in Unity2019.3.0.

[Fix] Fixed an issue where an error occurred when running in the Mac editor environment.

[Fix] Fixed an issue where creating a prefab in Unity2019.3.0 caused errors and data corruption.

[note] First release.