Render Deformer


Render deformers have the ability to deform the mesh vertices of the attached renderer.
Required when using MeshCloth / MeshSpring.


Model Import Settings

Before setting, you need to check the import settings of the model to be used.
The following settings must be enabled:

Item Description
Read/Write Enabled Allow reading and writing to the mesh.
It must be ON.


Mesh is cloned at runtime

Note that meshes that are subject to render deformers are cloned at runtime.

This is due to a Unity specification limitation that SharedMesh cannot be rewritten directly.

Recalculate normals and tangents

By default, the mesh is recalculated for normals and tangents every frame.
Recalculating normals and tangents is essential for proper lighting on deformed meshes.
However, this recalculation process requires considerable computation costs.
If your shader does not require lighting, you can turn off recalculation of normals and tangents.
Turning it off significantly reduces computational costs.
It can be turned off by setting [Normal And Tangent Update Mode] to [None].