Angle Restoration

Angle Restoration

Adds a rotation that restores the original angle of the edge relative to the baseline.
It is the most important parameter among parameters.
It is no exaggeration to say that the majority of movement is determined here.

Below is an example of a wing using angle restoration.

Stiffness The amount of rotation angle to restore in one correction.
The higher the number, the faster the restoration.
Velocity Attenuation The amount of velocity attenuation applied to vertices when restoring.
If you lower it, the acceleration will become stronger and it will bounce like a spring.
Conversely, if you raise it, it will be a relaxed restoration.
Gravity Falloff

Attenuation of the restoring force in the direction of gravity.
If this value is set to 1.0, the restoring force will be 0 when the cloth faces the opposite direction of gravity.

This weakens the restoring force of the hair when the head is turned upside down, and can alleviate the excessive movement of the hair to return to its original position.

Note that it works even if the gravity setting is 0.

Effect of Animation Posture Ratio

Shape restoration is affected by the animation pose ratio.
This is the ratio of whether the restoration reference should be the initial pose or the current animation pose.