Installation Guide

Unity2018.4.0(LTS) or higher

MagicaCloth requires Unity2018.4.0(LTS) or a higher version.
Also, since the setting of Job System + Burst compiler is necessary, please execute the following setup in order.


Display settings of Preview package in UNITY2020

In Unity2020, select Edit -> Project Settings… from the menu, and you need to set the preview package display settings as shown in the image.



Installation of Burst package

Open [Window]-> [Package Manager] from the menu.
Select the [Burst] package as shown in the image and install it.


Install Jobs package

Open [Window]-> [Package Manager] from the menu.
Since Jobs is still (preview), you need to select [Show preview packages] from the [Advanced] menu to display the (preview) package.
(Unity 2018/2019 only)

When the preview package appears in the list, install the Jobs package as follows.


(UNITY2018 only) Install COLLECTIONS / MATHEMATICS package

If you use Unity2018, please install [Collections] [Mathematics] package additionally.
It is automatically installed in Unity2019 and later.


If an error occurs

If the following error occurs in the process up to this point, package dependencies are a problem.
This often occurs due to package upgrades.

In this case, follow the steps below.
(1) Uninstall [Jobs] [Burst][Collections][Mathematics] package once
(2) Install [Jobs] package

This will automatically install the [Burst] package that matches the current [Jobs].
Error should disappear.


Magica Cloth import

Open [Windows]-> [Asset Store] and import MagicaCloth.

Packages are organized in the Assets/MagicaCloth folder.

Execution test of sample scene

Let’s run the sample and test if there are any problems with Unity settings or the Magica Cloth package.
Five samples are included in the Example/Scene folder.

Double click the UnityChanClothSample scene to load it.

Let’s run the sample scene.
If the hair and skirt of Unity-Chan are shaking without any problem, installation is complete.


Example folder can be deleted

The Example folder can be deleted if it is not needed.


Combined with ECS

Add the following settings to use MagicaCloth with Unity Entity Component System (ECS).
This setting is required only for Unity 2018.4 / Unity 2019.2.
There is no need to set it for Unity 2019.3 or later.

Open Edit-> Project Settings ..-> Player from the editor menu.
Add [MAGICACLOTH_ECS] to Scripting Define Symbols of Configuration.