World Influence

Movement effects

Sets how much particles are affected when the body moves.

Name Description
Influence Target Set the transform to detect the movement of the main unit.
If nothing is set, the transform the component is attached to is selected.
Max Move Speed Set the maximum movement speed of the main unit. (m/s)
No matter how fast the body moves, the speed at which particles move is limited to this value.
This helps stabilize the simulation when moving at high speeds.
Movement Influence Sets how much the movement of the body affects the particles.
At 0.0, movement of the body has almost no effect on particles.
Rotation Influence Sets how much the body rotation affects particles.
At 0.0, the rotation of the body has almost no effect on the particles.

It is also possible to reset the position of particles when the main body moves greatly.

Name Description
Reset After Teleport Sets whether to reset the particle position when a teleport is detected.
Teleport Mode

Specifies the teleport behavior.
Reset the simulation once after teleporting.

Maintain the simulation after teleporting.

Teleport Distance The movement distance in one frame of the main body detected as a teleport.
Teleport Rotation The rotation angle in one frame of the body detected as teleportation.

Stabilization at reset
There is an issue with particles bouncing when they are in the collider when resetting the simulation.
This problem can be mitigated with the [Stabilization Time After Reset] parameter.

Name Description
Stabilization Time After Reset Time to perform stabilization processing at reset (s)