Shape Restoration

Shape Restoration

Here we set three forces that maintain the shape of the cloth.
Since each of these forces is independent, I will explain each one.

Basically, these values are the default settings and rarely need to be changed.
However, depending on the state of the cloth, it may be possible to obtain better results with a little adjustment.

Distance Stiffness Distance constraint restoring force.
Each vertex keeps its distance from the vertices it connects to.
Tether Compression Limit distance constraint.
Specifies the percentage of the distance that vertices should move closer to their origin.
Triangle Bending Stiffness triangle resilience.
Two adjacent triangles apply a force to return to the original angle.

It works to keep the distance from other connected vertices.

The set value is the strength of the restoring force.
Basically, 1.0 is fine, but if the constraint is too strong, the cloth will not stretch as much.
Therefore, in some cases, such as skirts, it may be better to weaken the resilience of the ends.


Limits how close a vertex can be to the start of its baseline.
The figure below shows the distance from the starting point for the purple vertices.

The setting specifies the percentage that can be shrunk.
For example, a setting of 0.6 will bring the purple vertices closer to the 40% yellow circle, but not inside it.
This may help keep the cloth in its original shape.

However, excessive restraint may result in loss of freedom of movement and stiff movement.
Basically, set it to 0.8 or higher, and lower it only in special cases.


A force acts so that the interior angles of two adjacent triangles return to their initial angles.

This is an important function for maintaining shape in MeshCloth.
Therefore, basically the initial value of 1.0 is fine.
Has no effect if the proxy mesh has no triangles.

Effect of Animation Posture Ratio

Shape restoration is affected by the animation pose ratio.
This is the ratio of whether the restoration reference should be the initial pose or the current animation pose.