Magica Physics Manager


Manager that manages the entire cloth component.
Because it is a singleton class, the method of accessing the API is as follows.




public bool enabled

Processing settings for the entire simulation.
It is possible to stop all simulation processing of the entire Magica Cloth by turning off enabled of the manager.


public UpdateTimeManager.UpdateCount UpdatePerSeccond

Get / set number of updates per second.


public UpdateTimeManager.UpdateMode UpdateMode

Get / set update mode


public void SetGlobalTimeScale(float timeScale)

Set the global time scale.
Slow playback that affects the whole is possible.

timeScale Time scale.
Specify from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%).


public float GetGlobalTimeScale()

Gets the current global time scale.


public List<CoreComponent> Component.GetComponentList()

Gets a list of all MagicaCloth components registered in the manager.
Cast with the following class name to determine the individual class.

  • MagicaRenderDeformer
  • MagicaVirtualDeformer
  • MagicaBoneCloth
  • MagicaBoneSpring
  • MagicaMeshCloth
  • MagicaMeshSpring